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Rhyming Climate Tiger

Christmas Day posting 2022

Tiger, you have every right

To roam the forests of the night.

William Blake's immortal eye

Could not see the Tiger die.

Chinese Medicine fuels the trade

So Tiger populations fade.

Selfish Chinese ignorance?

Or Murderous belligerence?

Panthera Tigris can survive

If we decide that Tigers thrive -

Through choices made by you and I

That Chinese products we won't buy.


At Egypt COP the good and great

Will talk into the early hours.

Lobbyists and Heads of State

And bureaucrats from Ivory Towers.


As if the world’s not hot enough,

They come by car, they come by air.

They come to hear the eco-stuff

But talk as if there’s time to spare.


They talk and talk and talk and talk;

1.5 - a worthy goal.

But will they really walk the walk

And ban the use of oil and coal ...


And help the third world modernise

By helping them with greener power,

The temperature to stabilise.

Will they grasp the vital hour?


2 weeks later ...


Again, they did not seize the day,

With tipping points just years away.

They kicked the climate can once more

And COPPED OUT as they have before!

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