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Beat Energy Bills and Climate Change


Coming from a family of doctors and surgeons, Rod Mountain was under pressure to enter medicine. Instead, he chose a B.Sc. in Environmental Sciences, the very first offered in the UK. But the world was not ready for unpalatable environmental warnings in the 1970s, even those supported by scientific evidence gathered by over 5000 Universities over 50 years.

So Rod spent 30 years in business, a commercial platform ideal for offering energy advice to people who needed plain English, solid logic and return on investment with minimum outlay.

Eventually, in 2010, Rod Mountain set up Eco-Economix to help reduce the energy bills of clients seeking independent, impartial advice. Both domestic and commercial energy users often struggle to compare differing propositions from renewable energy salespeople and energy efficiency firms.

Time is running out for our Goldilocks planet Earth. Rod’s no-holds-barred presentation of the facts of Climate Change will make unpleasant reading for those preferring to kick the can down the road. This book is aimed first at helping domestic and commercial energy users reduce bills and carbon footprints. Beyond that we must lean urgently on those who need our votes at elections.

Book no.1
Book no.2
Book no.3
Book 4
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